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A Portrait Experience

Have you ever dreamt of having your portrait painted? If so, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.


Take the plunge to have your portrait painted in a unique way. You will not be required to sit for hours and be painted. Instead, you will be encouraged to work with Donna making your own emotional marks that will be transcribed by the artist. During the portrait process, your personal story unfolds in an interactive manner.

With Donna’s guidance, you will also choose the colours that will be the basis of your portrait. This is a stimulating and rewarding experience as you get to participate in the creation of your own portrait.


This portrait experience is a journey where you will discover more about who you are.

Time: The experience comprises of four 2-3 hour sessions spread roughly over a month. The sessions and durations are very flexible.
Location: sessions are conducted during the day (weekends available) at Donna’s home studio (Wulguru, Townsville).
Canvas Size: 76cm x 60cm, 63cm x 53cm, 63cm x 63cm or variations
Medium: Acrylic paint and /or charcoal and mixed media


Unlock your Inner Child Through a Portrait

This is a unique opportunity to delve into your childhood and explore your artistic abilities with a trained artist, teacher and spiritual guide. Directed and assisted by Donna, you will create a canvas that symbolically or figuratively represents the formative years that have shaped you into the person you are today.

Donna Beningfield is a practising and award-winning artist who specialises in portraiture. As a qualified teacher and fine artist (BA Hons, Dip Ed, Ad. Dip Visual Arts), Donna has been teaching adults and children in Townsville for nearly 20 years. Mixing these talents with her kinesiology and spiritual guidance, Donna looks forward to taking you on a personal growth journey through art.

No prior art experience is necessary just a williness to be open and experimental is essential.

The experience comprises of at least four, two-hour sessions spread roughly over a month. The timeframe and session duration are both flexible. Sessions are conducted during the day at Donna’s home studio (Wulguru).

During this experience, you will discover your inner artist, renew your outlook on your childhood and head home with a piece of art.


let's work together

This is a limited opportunity, please contact Donna to enquire about availability.

Call Donna (0402 262 114 | 07 4778 4473) or fill in the form below.

Jane Dutson  St David's Day Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas 100cm x 76cm 2019.jpg
"Without appearing to even try, and while navigating every step with insight and sensitivity, Donna will find corners of one's world and then translate them into profound art.
It has been my absolute pleasure and privilege to have now ’sat’ twice for Donna’s exhibition work. Each experience has been an enlightenment and a joy."

Jane Datson

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